Dust cleaning, re-wiring, custom wiring

A computer case isn't a sealed box - you'd be surprised how much dust can accumulate in there! That dust can affect your computer's performance, as can seemingly small wiring issues. Untidy wires can also help trap dust by creating nooks and crannies where airflow doesn't reach. I can clean and reorganize the inside of your computer's case to prevent these easily avoidable issues from causing bigger problems down the line.

support services

Sometimes you don't need a whole new computer when a tune-up or upgrade will do. I can help with that too!

Hardware diagnostic, trouble shooting, and replacement

Sometimes troubles run a little deeper than the software. I can trouble-shoot for more serious hardware problems, and recommend repairs or replacements to get your computer back on its feet. I will never recommend a replacement that isn't truly necessary!

PC Mods / custom paint, watercooling, and much more

If you're not quite ready for a whole new computer, smaller upgrades can get you there over time, and can make a huge difference in the short term. From individual functional components to cosmetic changes, I can help transform your current PC without a full rebuild.

Is your PC's performance temperature-capped? Watercooling options are available that will let you push your components' performance past what traditional air coolers can handle!

Virus removal, computer optimisation, and tune up

If you suspect your computer has become infected with a virus, I have tools for virus removal and some file recovery. In cases of more serious file corruption, I can recommend resources and courses of action.

Just like your car, a computer's operating system can get a little bogged down after awhile. If your computer is running a little slow, I can run optimisation tools to clean up the system and get things running as they should be!